Military vehicle with 6-year-old boy inside stolen in PA village

Career soldier exits vehicle at store near Luban adjacent to Beit Aryeh, prohibited from entry by law, while his son was inside.

Benny Moshe ,

Police chase (illustration)
Police chase (illustration)
Flash 90

An IDF career soldier left his military vehicle unattended with the motor running on Road 446 near Luban, Friday. Luban is in Palestinian Authority territory, off limits to Israeli citizens, and the vehicle was stolen with his six-year-old son sitting inside.

Preliminary investigation reveals the driver of the vehicle stopped at the side of the road to purchase products and left the vehicle running with his 6-year-old son sitting in the vehicle. A suspect who noticed the vehicle's motor was running entered the car and started driving away with it, and after a few hundred meters dropped the child off and continued driving.

The driver of the vehicle was lightly injured and needed medical attention after chasing the vehicle on foot.

Upon receiving the report, police and IDF forces began searching for the vehicle and the suspects.