Yifat Shasha-Biton replies to Netanyahu: 'Stop looking for culprits'

MK Shasha-Biton responds to PM's criticism, 'You diffused Prof. Gamzu's traffic light system to the point it was no longer useful.'

Yifat Shasha-Biton ,

Ofer Amram

When the Prime Minister informed me that he had decided to appoint me Knesset Coronavirus Committee Chairwoman, he emphasized the importance of the position and the great responsibility that rests on my shoulders. I reverently entered the position.

A responsibility that requires asking questions and casting doubts, not on the intensity of the danger posed by the epidemic, which is not disputed, but in relation to the right ways to deal with it. As expected of the elected members of the Knesset and committees.

All my actions were transparent and after consultation, I did not call on the public to "go have a beer", I did not attend mass events without a mask, I did not invite guests to my house contrary to the guidelines and my office staff did not violate isolation.

I remind the Prime Minister that he was the one who diffused implementation of Prof. Gamzu's traffic light system to the point it was no longer useful.

I am proud to have been able to help many business owners deal with the crisis. I fought for opening businesses, beaches, pools, and gyms over two months ago. (Reminder: The impact on morbidity should be visible after two weeks). The opening of the latter was also the only issue the Committee approved contrary to the government position.

I suggest the Prime Minister come to his senses and stop looking for the guilty party. It's time to increase the capacity in hospitals, to produce an effective system to break the infection chain, to mobilize the public to fight by properly advocating for self-preservation and high-risk groups. It is also advisable to provide a personal example.

The Prime Minister would do well to concentrate on that and not on evading responsibility and mud flinging.