Coronavirus in Israel: 5,510 new cases

The number of coronavirus cases continue to soar at an alarming rate. 549 cases are in serious condition and 140 of them are on respirators.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,


The Ministry of Health updated on Wednesday night that 5,510 new cases of coronavirus were detected in Israel in the past 24 hours, and the results of 57,697 tests were obtained.

The number of active cases now stands at 46,081. The condition of 549 of them is defined as serious and 140 are on respirators.

The death toll in Israel stands at 1,165 since the start of the outbreak.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center published data on the factors and considerations which led to the decision to implement a nationwide lockdown during the High Holidays.

"In recent weeks, there has been an increase in national morbidity, which is reflected in a high percentage of positive tests along with a significant increase in the number of tests. Analysis of the morbidity data shows that along with the high morbidity levels known so far in two sectors, - the Arab and haredi communities - in recent weeks there has been a significant increase in morbidity in the general sector," the report stated.

The document stated that "this increase is reflected in both the percentage of positive tests and the number of new verified cases. An examination of the geographical spread of the disease also clearly shows that the trend of morbidity in the general sector is increasing."

The National Information Center pointed to morbidity among children as one of the main challenges currently facing Israel. "Since the start of the school year, there has been a significant increase in morbidity among adolescents (10-19), which is probably due to the opening of the education system. "The fact that this age group is characterized by silent morbidity increases its ability to be a major engine for an increase in general morbidity, while its characteristics make it difficult to curb this ability."

"The bottom line, the rise in morbidity in Israel in recent days is not only focused within the Arab and haredi sectors but within the general population, and in order to reduce it, it is necessary to impose restrictions and guidelines that will apply to all sectors in Israel," the report said.