Health Ministry updates list of 'green' countries

Health Ministry turns some 'green' countries red, adds other countries to 'green' list in their place.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Suitcases in an airport (illustrative)
Suitcases in an airport (illustrative)

Israel's Health Ministry has changed the list of "green" countries from which Israelis can return without requiring the standard 14-day isolation period.

Countries which have been removed from the "green" list and are now "red" include Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Slovenia.

At the same time, the Health Ministry added Seychelles, Iceland, Cuba, and Serbia to the list of "green" countries.

Israel reopened its skies on August 16, after several months during which only select flights were allowed to take off and land.

During the upcoming lockdown, pre-approved flights to and from Ben Gurion International Airport will continue, allowing Israelis who already paid for tickets to enter and leave the country.