Strategy for aliyah - beyond the decision

What to take and what to leave fortifies the adjustment process of aliyah and settling in the Land of Israel.

Dr. Sam Minskoff ,

New Olim from France arrive in Israel
New Olim from France arrive in Israel
Olivier Fitoussi

Dr. Sam Minskoff, a licensed clinical psychologist and Aliyah Consultant, talks about aliyah (immigration to Israel) as described in the Tanakh (Bible) as "take and possess," enjoying every step of the way as intended by G-d.

The suffering of the exile is over. The curse has ended. According to Minskoff, to live in "cursedness" is to unwittingly remain in exile, the Diaspora. The initial realization of this can be quite disturbing and unsettling.

Nevertheless, the JOY is there, despite the bumpy adjustment period developing toward a "transformation period," which Dr. Minskoff discusses in this podcast.