The great stones of Mount Ebal and peace with the Emirates

Serving Hashem in gladness is the key to every divine blessing: Torah is the people of Israel’s deed to the Land of Israel.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Mount Ebal
Mount Ebal
Shomron Regional Council

For the nation of Israel about to enter into the promised land, this week’s Torah portion of Ki Tavo presents the quintessential formula for a G-d-centered life: Thankfulness and acknowledgement, commandment and covenant.

This week’s episode of the Jerusalem Lights podcast finds our hosts pondering the nature of the stark dichotomy featured in this portion: from the sublime joy of the experience of bringing the first fruits offering up to the Holy Temple, to the existential angst and relentless sadness that befalls one who rejects Hashem.

What is the connection between these two seemingly disparate sections of our portion?

Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman discuss the Torah’s universal proclamation of thankfulness to Hashem as the foundation of life for all people.

Plus: the Great Stones of Mount Ebal and peace with the Emirates. what’s the connection?