Naftali Bennett:
'Netanyahu's head isn't in state affairs'

Yamina Chairman attacks PM Netanyahu, accusing him of being busy with his private affairs, not running country and coronavirus crisis.

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Bennett speaks at Basheva's Summer Conference
Bennett speaks at Basheva's Summer Conference
Channel 12 News

Yamina Chairman former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett will attend the Basheva newspaper's summer conference, to be broadcast tomorrow on Arutz Sheva's Hebrew site.

In an interview with Channel 12 News reporter Yaron Avraham within the framework of the conference, Bennett sharply attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Avraham aired an excerpt from the Bennett interview, in which he accused the Prime Minister of being preoccupied with his private affairs and not with running the country and managing the coronavirus crisis.

In the interview, Bennett said: "Netanyahu's done a lot of good things. I think his head is no longer in coronavirus, not in the economy, and not in running state affairs."

Asked if Netanyahu is busy only with his legal affairs, Bennett replied, "Yes. He can't pay attention. Bibi isn't the enemy of the people. I think he did well, but I don't think so today in state business - he's too busy with other things."

Asked if he intends to run for prime minister in the next election, Bennett replied, "Everything in its time. Are there elections now? When there are elections, believe me, I will state most clearly who should lead the State of Israel."