'Peace agreement with UAE will help create history between Israel, Palestinians'

PM tells Arabic-language Sky News, broadcast in UAE, that 'agreement will help create history between Israel and Palestinians.'

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Netanyahu during interview
Netanyahu during interview
Kobi Gideon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent a message to Arab countries in an interview to Sky News Arabia whose broadcasts are viewed in the United Arab Emirates.

Netanyahu said: "There was an American demand, at the present time, to suspend annexation of the territories in the West Bank and we agreed. The Americans told us - we want to expand the peace framework and that is the first priority at the present time."

He added that "expanding peace at the moment is what will make us successful. I think more Arab countries will look at what we're doing and say: 'Maybe we'll join the cycle of innovation, technology, and prosperity. Why not do what's good for our peoples in health, improving water quality, and we will create a good future, with improved food, energy, and trade products. Here in Israel, we'll import goods from the Emirates country at a cheap price, and this is also true in the other direction."

Netanyahu referenced Iran and Turkey's harsh reactions to the agreement. "Was anyone surprised that Iran is against peace? It spreads extremism and terror and sends its missiles to the Arabian Peninsula, killing people in Syria and Iraq and supports terror all over the world. It promises to destroy Israel all the time and I think it's wreaking havoc on many of our neighbors. Iran's not happy and that's good. It means we're on the right track."