Bennett to govt: Have you gone mad? Get to work

Yamina chairman accuses government of dithering while people die due to economic cost of coronavirus closures.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett sharply attacked the government over its handling of the coronavirus crisis.

"I'm just now coming from a tour of shops in Jerusalem. I met a Judaica business owner. He's finished. He's 75 years old. How is he supposed to live, how is he supposed to pay the rent, how is he supposed to buy bread? What have you done in 80 days? Nothing. What did you do with the epidemiological investigations? Nothing," Bennett accused in a broken voice.

"Tell us, are you just irresponsible? What have you done? You have ruined the lives millions of Israel's citizens. You're killing them. You're killing them from the inside. Companies are failing. Employees ... don't get any solutions because of how many you are. How irresponsible can you get? What else do I have to do?

Bennett said, "When I was defense minister, I worked on Shabbat. I desecrated Shabbat because it was a matter of saving lives. People are dying, and what are you doing? Have you gone mad? Get ahold of yourselves. Understand that our people are dying and there is no one else to blame. Get to work. Otherwise we will not have a people or a state."