Prime Minister initiates holiday grant

Netanyahu office considering possibility of another grant ahead of Tishrei holidays; decision 'soon'.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

The Prime Minister's Office is considering giving Israeli citizens an additional financial grant for the Tishrei holidays, Kan News reported.

If it is decided to disburse the grant, it will be distributed precisely, in light of data collected by the National Insurance Institute on bank accounts of the citizens as part of the preparations for the current grant.

According to people close to Avi Simhon, head of the National Economic Council, the previous grant is not a one-time event and the goal is to check whether the public used the first grant for consumption to move the economy.

Netanyahu hinted today in the Likud faction that in the near future more money will be transferred to the citizens, in order to help them get through the period of crisis.

So far, in addition to a double grant for citizens, grants have also been paid to the self-employed and it has been decided to extend the payment of unemployment benefits even to those whose eligibility has expired.

On Sunday, the money of the last grant decided on by the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister was transferred. In the first phase, money was transferred for the children in the family.

Tomorrow grants will be transferred to vulnerable populations and recipients of benefits, and on Wednesday the procedure will be completed with the transfer of funds to all senior citizens in Israel whose income does not reach NIS 651,000 per year.