Only half of Israel's teachers trained in distance learning

'The Education Ministry has nothing to offer, there need to be courses for teacher,' principal says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Distance learning (illustrative)
Distance learning (illustrative)

Just half of Israel's 200,000 teachers have undergone training to teach online, Israel Hayom reported.

The current plan for the 2020-2021 school year includes distance learning for grades 5-12, using various technological platforms.

One experienced high school principal told Israel Hayom that he has begun training his teachers with a private company and at his own expense: "I'm very disturbed, not all of my teachers know how to teach online, no one held teacher training sessions for distance learning over the years because no one expected a boom like this to happen."

"I hired a company that will teach the teachers how to teach effectively from afar, because the Education Ministry has nothing to offer. They sent us papers and video clips that don't help anyone - there need to be courses for teachers. We've spent about 10,000 shekels on this, and it's just a drop in the bucket."

Successful distance learning depends on two factors: technological ability, and knowing how to operate the various programs, and pedagogical training, in how to teach effectively using these platforms, since classroom teaching uses different skills and tactics than teaching online.

In a recent letter sent by the Education Ministry to school principals, the Ministry requested to know which of the teachers is well-versed in digital media and which do not have the knowledge or ability to teach online.

"We will recommend diagnosing the staff's knowledge gaps in the following areas: expertise in digital media, knowledge and ability to teach online, and and the frequent switch between the various situations," the letter read.