'Supreme Court trying to dismantle Jewish family structure'

A video presentation by the National Union Party explains why a Supreme Court decision could destroy the family unit.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Supreme Court
Supreme Court
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

A video produced by the National Union Party features the background to the ongoing Supreme Court case and explains why accepting the petition on behalf of women's rights organizations could severely damage the family unit.

The video is being distributed ahead of a new hearing expected to be heard by the court this week, which may provide legal president for the dissolution of the traditional family structure.

After the Supreme Court upheld the Rabbinic Court's ruling in a divorce case, women's rights groups led by the Rackman Institute for the Advancement of Women appealed the ruling and were granted a retrial.

The National Union's presentation clearly elucidates how accepting the petition contradicts the current legal status quo and provides legitimacy to infidelity, resulting in multiple divorces and the dissolution of the family unit.

The video addresses haredi Knesset members, headed by Minister Yaakov Litzman and Finance Committee Chairman Moshe Gafni, demanding that Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn (Blue and White) and Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit adopt the rabbinical courts' position against the ruling. It further calls on them to declare that if it ends up passing, they will immediately advance legislation restoring the status quo or leave the coalition.

"The Supreme Court once again infringes on the Jewish identity of the state and this time dismantles family values. Surrendering to extremist women's organizations while harming rabbinical courts is a spit in the face for most citizens who value loyalty between spouses as well as Jewish tradition. Religious and haredi Knesset members are capable of blocking the measure, but if they fail to do so, they will be responsible for breaking apart the Jewish family structure [in Israel]," said National Union Director-General Yehuda Wald.

"The need to reform the judiciary branch, curbing the power of judges to impose their will on society, is a national interest regardless of whether you're part of the opposition or coalition. It's important to everyone for whom a Jewish and democratic state of Israel is a priority" added Wald.