'Jewish blood is cheap' spray painted near Supreme Court judge's homes

Tel Aviv activists spray paint 'Jewish blood is cheap' outside of homes of Supreme Court justices to protest rulings on illegal immigrants.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Graffiti near judge's home
Graffiti near judge's home
גלעד הלחמי, 'דרום ת"א בעד הגירוש'

A group of social activists from south Tel Aviv, including Sheffi Paz and Doron Avrahami, spray painted graffiti criticizing the Israeli Supreme Court near the homes of several Supreme Court justices.

The activists, who have called for the deportation of illegal immigrants from Israel, said Wednesday morning that the words "Jewish blood is cheap: Supreme Court" were spray painted outside of the homes of chief justice Esther Hayut and associate justices Uzi Fogelman, Dafna Barak-Erez, and former Supreme Court chief justice Aharon Barak.

"We visited last night the homes of these judges because the same law that applies to Balfour" - referring to anti-government protesters outside of the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem - "also applies to Hayut, and what is permissible there is also permitted here."

"We came back to tell justices Fogelman, Barak-Erez, and Hayut, and to to tell their spiritual leader, Aharon Barak, that we remember every minute what they've done to us and to the residents of these neighborhoods in the name of their false morality."

"We visited the homes of these justices, at the same time that leftist demonstrators went wild in the streets of Tel Aviv, to tell them that we aren't afraid of them or the police."

"Every time they interfere in our lives and hurt our neighborhoods, we will come and disturb the peace of their clean neighborhoods."