'Annexation threatens the Palestinian issue'

Senior Islamic Jihad official calls for Fatah and Hamas to advance talks on the basis of building a front of "resistance" against Israel.

Dalit Halevi ,

Islamic Jihad terrorists
Islamic Jihad terrorists

Muhammad Al-Hindi, head of the political arm of the Islamic Jihad in "Palestine", said on Thursday that the Palestinian Authority is under serious scrutiny in light of the Israeli “annexation plan”.

Speak during a conference call on Zoom, Hindi said that there was a tangible threat to the Palestinian issue, since the dialogue between Israel and the US administration is dealing with the scope and manner of annexation and not with the principle of annexation.

Hindi called on the Palestinian Authority to take new steps to combat “the occupation”, and in addition to the recent talks between Fatah’s Jabril Rajoub and Hamas’ Salah Al-Aruri, to establish a source of national authority to act against the US “Deal of the Century” and activate the popular resistance.

He said the steps taken by the Palestinian Authority against the annexation plan seemed more serious than in the past, warning that a return to negotiations could give Israel an opportunity to establish the reality of annexation and give legitimacy to contacts between Israel and the Arab world.