Naftali Bennett:
'I offered to be coronavirus coordinator, Netanyahu's ignoring me'

Yamina Chairman says regarding coronavirus struggle he approached PM to help with crisis, but requests remain unanswered.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Former Defense Minister and Yamina Chairman MK Naftali Bennett, who heads the Civilian Coronavirus Cabinet, says he is interested in helping in any way to improve the fight against coronavirus.

"If the Prime Minister wants me to be coronavirus coordinator and will give me the powers, I'll take the job. I'll stay in the opposition and not do it for honors. I'll defeat coronavirus in four weeks," Bennett declared.

He said, "If we harness the public to defeat the plague, it will be. We all want a good country to live in. But confidence is lost in the current government."

At a press conference convened by Bennett, he said the Prime Minister did not respond to his requests. "Despite my repeated appeals to the Prime Minister that I'm willing to mobilize fire from the opposition for everything, there was no sound. Netanyahu doesn't want to meet or hear anything, maybe he's threatened. We are at war for our lives and in such cases put the ego aside. I turn to Netanyahu: 'Take all the credit, but do you want to be Prime Minister? Do you want to defeat the plague? There are other people in the country who can help."

He says it is now necessary to transfer powers and involve the Defense Ministry in the struggle. "Already in March I said that the army was needed to manage the crisis."

He criticized Netanyahu's grant program. "Mr. Prime Minister, people don't want charity, people want to work. If we don't take care of coronavirus now, we won't get anywhere."