World hypocrisy and Israel’s ‘flagrant violation of international law’

The heathen prophet Bila'am vs. the existence of Israel.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Anti Semitism
Anti Semitism
John Englart

This week’s double Torah reading outside the Land of Israel, of the portions of Chukat and Balak together, brings the Diaspora back in sync with the Torah reading in the Land of Israel.

The two portions together form an amazing tapestry of the new generation, poised to enter into the Promised Land.

Parashat Chukat begins with the elusive Divine decree of the red heifer and continues with vast ideas and precedents: the passing of Miriam and Aaron, Moshe’s inexplicable striking of the rock, and more.

The portion of Balak focuses on the evil alliance of King Balak with the heathen prophet Bila'am, a man whose curses were usually fatal. Yet G-d changed his curses upon Israel into blessings.

What was the motivation behind this ancient anti-Israel movement? Why did the entry of the Children of Israel into their Land pose such a perceived threat to the balance of power? What was the true motivation behind these curses, and who was Bila'am?

This week on the Jerusalem Lights podcast, our hosts delve deeply into both Torah portions and find intriguing, eternal truths that impact the destiny of Israel as well as the lives of all those who cherish the G-d of Israel, and mirror the chaos reflected in today’s headlines.