Hamas calls for confrontation in Judea and Samaria

Hamas officials say Palestinian Arab people are united behind the "resistance" and do not intend to back down.

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Hamas terrorists in Gaza
Hamas terrorists in Gaza
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Hamas spokesman Abdel Latif al-Qanoa on Wednesday urged the Palestinian Arab public in Judea and Samaria to rise up and confront the "occupation" at checkpoints and military posts, in response to the Israeli annexation plan which, he said, seeks to "steal" Palestinian territories.

In this context, Qanoa stressed the importance of the unified position of the Palestinian organizations and of the Palestinian Authority (PA) against annexation.

Meanwhile, Salah al-Bardawil, a member of Hamas' political bureau, said the Palestinian people are capable of thwarting the "aggressive plans of the occupation."

In an interview with Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV, Bardawil said the response of the Palestinian “resistance groups” would put an end to the Israeli move, as the Palestinian people are united behind the path of the resistance and do not intend to back down.

He added that the "occupation" would not have security if it continues to steal Palestinian land. Bardawil noted that an overall confrontation is a right of the Palestinians who will not recognize the "occupation" even over one single particle of “Palestine”.

"There is no future for the occupation of Palestine," Bardawil added, calling on the Palestinian public to confront the "occupation" using all possible means.