Yossi Dagan asks PM to check who called settler heads 'crazy'

Samaria Council head asks PM to discipline senior Likud official who called settlement leaders 'crazy' for opposing 'Deal of the Century'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Yossi Dagan
Yossi Dagan
Hezki Baruch

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan addressed Likud Chairman Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and asked him to conduct a probe in his party to identify the senior party official who referred to settler leaders in Judea and Samaria as "crazy".

It was reported this morning that senior Likud officials attacked Judea/Samaria leaders opposed to the U.S. map leaving isolated Jewish communities within a continuum of PA-considered territory.

"It's just a shame that these things were said by senior Likud officials. The people who called us derogatory terms bring shame to Netanyahu and the Likud national movement. Their place is in Meretz and the New Israel Fund. I urge you to discipline that coward who hides behind a nickname. Instead of engaging in slander and defamation, we should simply work together to correct the map," Dagan wrote to Netanyahu.

Israel Hayom quoted senior Likud officials as calling Yesha heads "irresponsible" and "crazy", accusing them of disseminating incorrect information regarding sovereignty plans.

"After 70 years of expectation, it's precisely the settlers who will destroy the historic possibility of applying sovereignty. They're running between ministers and MKs, giving media interviews, briefing everyone against the plan and they don't even know its details," the Likud source was quoted as saying.

Likud officials said that because of opposition from some settlement leaders, they were called by the Trump administration to submit clarifications. "The Americans tell us something like this: 'The whole Arab world is against the Deal of the Century, all the Europeans are against it, the American and Israeli Left are also opposed. And now even the Right's opposed - so why even carry out this plan?' What can we tell them?"

"The map that settler heads are going around with isn't the right map," senior officials say. "The Prime Minister has more than ten different maps, each map has a different scenario, the different maps are meant for talks with the Americans and they may eventually take part of a particular map, connect it with another part of another map and so create something in concert with the Americans. In the meantime, they turn around and mislead everyone they talk to."

Binyamin Council head Yisrael Gantz responded: "My Likud friends, a little respect please. To date, everything we've alerted to regarding a policy plan has happened. When everyone was in the euphoria of groundbreaking moves, we knew to warn in real time. To date, even you aren't whole with some of your votes.

"At least you are expected to consult, share, and not hide things. Surely you won't turn us into a lunatic punching bag when we point to facts you might be trying to suppress. Take responsibility - bring about a change of plan and bring sovereignty correctly. You can."