63 schools, kindergartens to open and return to classes

385 teachers and staff infected to date with coronavirus. 135 schools and kindergartens closed. 17,605 teachers and students in isolation.

Orly Harari ,

Israeli children get ready to start school
Israeli children get ready to start school
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

63 schools and kindergartens will return to school during the coming week.

These are educational institutions whose students and teachers were put in isolation according to Health Ministry immediate steps after detection of school or preschool infection, in addition to their immediate closure.

These preventive actions are designed to ensure the health and safety of students and teaching staff. Against the backdrop of experts' estimates that the virus will continue to accompany us over the next few months, the Ministry will continue to work according to the existing plan.

At the same time, the Ministry continues to conduct regular status assessments and systematically monitor infections in the system to obtain a comprehensive picture.

Currently, there are 385 students and teaching staff infected with coronavirus. 135 educational institutions have closed. 17,605 teaching staff and students are in preventative isolation. These schools have moved to remote study to continue their schooling as much as possible.

Educational institutions that continue to have physical learning will continue to adhere to mitigation precautions of wearing a mask, maintaining hygiene, and maintaining physical distance as much as possible.