High school student in Beit Shemesh diagnosed with coronavirus

Students at Beit Shemesh high school to continue studies via distance learning after schoolmate is diagnosed with coronavirus.

Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

Empty classroom (illustrative)
Empty classroom (illustrative)

A student at the Ahavat Yisrael high school in Ramat Beit Shemesh was diagnosed Monday with coronavirus.

All of the school's students and staff were sent home, and will study via distance learning for the next fourteen days.

Haran Ziv, who heads Beit Shemesh's secondary education department, arrived at the school to help the staff and management during the process, Shemeshnet reported.

The Health Ministry is currently conducting an epidemiological investigation, and the school is maintaining contact with the parents and will provide updates as they are available.

On Sunday night, the Rishon Lezion municipality announced that a first-grade student at the city's Atarim school was diagnosed with the coronavirus. All of the school's students will be isolated and tested, and the school will be closed until Wednesday.

On Sunday morning, five schools in the Sedot Hanegev region closed after it was discovered that a student from a school in Sderot who tested positive for coronavirus had used the Sedot Hanegev school transportation system in recent days.

Also on Sunday, the Education Ministry revealed that 127 schools and preschools have been forced to close due to a surge in coronavirus infections among students and teaching staff. So far, 352 students and teachers have tested positive, and 17,497 students and teachers have been ordered to enter quarantine.

Fifty-six percent of those who have tested positive are from Jerusalem (197 out of 352), of which 75% are from one school alone, the Hebrew Gymnasia in Rehavia.

The list of Jerusalem schools closed due to coronavirus infections includes: the Hebrew Gymnasium, Paula Ben-Gurion, Zalman Eran, Ofarim, Amital, Seligsberg, Hartman, Umaniot, Hamesorati, Beit Hachinuch, Geulim, Gan Safa Har Homa, Haportzim kindergarten, Beit Yaakov Cordovero, Magshimim School, Ilanot Matzil, Lady Davis, Gan Stav, Har Homa High School, Seminar Yashan, Finzel, Tali Gilo, and Nisuyi Argentina.