Can ibuprofen be used to treat coronavirus?

London researchers test whether painkiller can be used to treat symptoms of coronavirus - especially respiratory problems.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Researchers at King's College London have begun a study to determine whether ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory and painkiller, is effective against the major symptoms of the coronavirus, Channel 12 reported.

The researchers' goal is to test whether ibuprofen is particularly effective against the severe respiratory problems that characterize symptoms of the virus. An answer in the affirmative would allow for cheap treatment that avoids the need for ventilator machines and maybe even hospitalization.

At the beginning of the first wave of the coronavirus, a number of experts in France claimed that the drug could actually harm coronavirus patients and worsen the symptoms.

Since then, popular opinion among researchers has changed. One of them said that "the success of the experiment is good news in a number of aspects: reducing hospitalization time, optimizing treatment for respiratory distress and making treatments cheaper in general."

Researchers have already conducted a test on animals found to have been successful so they believe that treatment may also be effective for humans.