Head of Public Health: 'Coronavirus didn't go to sleep, we're sowing very dangerous seeds'

'Schools are a source of contagion, they said they would keep the guidelines but compromised,' Health Ministry's Prof. Sigal Sadetski says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Professor Sigal Sadetski
Professor Sigal Sadetski
Government Press Office

Public Health Services Head Professor Sigal Sadetski expressed concern over the rise in the number of coronavirus cases diagnosed each day in Israel.

In an interview with Kan Reshet Bet, she said, "I thought that maybe the virus would go to sleep during May, and it didn't happen. There is a seasonality with viruses, but that didn't happen here - we're in a situation where we're sowing very dangerous seeds."

"There are three situations in which we believe that it is correct to conduct survey tests: Nursing homes, schools, and families of those exposed, because it's there that we've seen widespread and quick contagion. The question today is what the significance of the cases we're seeing is, where it'll go, and what we need to do - that's the million-dollar question, and there's no unambiguous answer to it."

Regarding the schools themselves, Prof. Sadetski said: "Schools are a source of contagion, and that's not surprising because the classes are large and it's hard to maintain a two-meter distance. We see patients spread all over Israel and large numbers. Our job is to be on top of the statistics. We lit warning lights about three days before the cases in the [Hebrew] Gymansium."

"In the beginning, they said they would open according to the guidelines, but on a practical level, they understood it's difficult to keep to that in the State of Israel's reality, so there began to be compromises. We lit warning lights and the political echelon has not yet decided what to do about them."