Health Ministry: Schools with more than 3 COVID-19 cases should be closed

Health funds responsible for follow-up for quarantined teachers and students, Health Ministry says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Coronavirus test
Coronavirus test

A teacher at the Ofek school in Givat Ze'ev has tested positive for coronavirus. The school has been closed, and its 278 students and 35 teachers have been quarantined.

At the same time, in the Har Tuv school in Kibbutz Tsor'a, a first-grade student has been diagnosed with coronavirus. The student does not feel sick and shows no symptoms. All students in her class, as well as her homeroom teacher and six other teachers, have been sent to quarantine until June 10, Kan News reported.

In Jerusalem, a student at the Beit Hinuch school was diagnosed with coronavirus, and the school's ninth-grade students were sent to quarantine.

In northern Israel, a seventh-grade student attending a Hadera six-year high school contracted coronavirus, and the school's 2,000 students were sent to quarantine.

In southern Israel, 100 first- to third-grade students in an Ashdod girls' school were sent to quarantine after a teacher in the school contracted coronavirus.

In addition, a staff member at the Beit Hano'ar sports and activities center in Jerusalem has been diagnosed with coronavirus, and the Center was diagnosed with the virus. Beit Hano'ar has instructed its students to quarantine themselves and test for coronavirus, and has closed until further notice.

Last week, over 100 students and staff at the Hebrew Gymnasium in Jerusalem were diagnosed with coronavirus.

On Monday, Aviv Keinan, director of the Jerusalem municipality's educational department, told Kan Reshet Bet that "the lot fell on the Gymnasium, and professionals don't know what the reason is that it happened there, specifically. It's not right to look for who is at fault. The city's entire educational system is open, other than two schools: the Gymnasium and Hartman.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the Israel Teachers Union is demanding that the Education and Health ministries offer coronavirus tests to all educational staff, and immediately close educational institutions where coronavirus cases have been confirmed.

The Health Ministry, for its part, has published a new protocol under which any educational institution where more than three cases of coronavirus were found should preferentially be closed. In the document, which Public Health Services Head Professor Sigal Sadetski sent to the Education Ministry Director-General and relevant professionals, the health funds are named as the parties responsible for conducting medical follow-up for the students and staff in quarantine.