Education Ministry: 103 coronavirus cases - in a single school

Hebrew Gymnasium in Jerusalem home to vast majority of school-related coronavirus cases, Education Ministry says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Coronavirus test
Coronavirus test

Israel's Education Ministry has clarified that of the 137 coronavirus cases discovered in schools, 103 of them were in the Hebrew Gymnasium high school in Jerusalem.

The Ministry added that "75% of the cases in the system were from the school itself, the Gymnasium in Jerusalem. The other cases are spread out around the entire country, with few cases in each place, in very small numbers."

Later on Saturday, a report said that 104 of the school's students had been diagnosed with the disease, along with 15 staff members and 3 parents.

The Gymnasium will close, but the government has decided that the city's other schools will continue to function.

"The Health Ministry is concerned over the number of cases and the rate of infection, along with the apathy and complacence which are expressed in the disregard and lack of adherence to the guidelines," the Ministry added. "Masks must be worn in public places and workplaces, proper hygiene must be ensured, and there must be two meters of space between people."

On Friday, 101 Israelis were diagnosed with coronavirus, leading the government to decide to close schools where students or staff have been diagnosed with the disease.

On Saturday, another 25 people were diagnosed, bringing the total number of active cases to 1,917. The number of deaths currently stands at 284, and the number of patients who are intubated at 34.