Two students in Drom Hasharon diagnosed with coronavirus

Two students at Sharon-area elementary school are diagnosed with coronavirus.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Child draws image of coronavirus
Child draws image of coronavirus

Two students at the an elementary school in the Drom Hasharon Regional Council tested positive for coronavirus, Israel Hayom reported Wednesday morning.

The students, who attend the Tzofit elementary school, are brothers and doing well. They have been quarantined in their home from May 22.

The students and staff who came in contact with the brothers have been quarantined until June 4.

Drom Hasharon Regional Council Head Oshrat Gani Gonen demanded the Health Ministry test all of the school's students and staff who came in contact with the infected students. A decision on the matter will be made on Thursday.

On Tuesday evening, a meeting was held, attended by the Regional Council Head, the Education Ministry supervisor, the school principal, and the Education Department director. Parents whose children must remain in quarantine were informed of the matter by the school's staff.

Earlier on Tuesday, a fourth individual at the Navon school in Rehovot was diagnosed with coronavirus: The infected teacher was preceded by another teacher, as well as an educational counselor and a student.

Israel Hayom noted that a counselor at the Beit Chana hostel in the neighborhood was also diagnosed with coronavirus, as well as several others in the area: the brother of one of an infected student, a child who attends a private preschool in the neighborhood, and a fifth-grade student at the Shuvu school, and the son of one of the infected teachers at Navon, and others.

In addition, a fifth-grade student who attends Bnei Brak's Torat Yeshayahu school was also diagnosed with coronavirus.