US religious freedom body funding research project on anti-Semitism in Europe

New research project would enhance understanding of anti-Semitism and government response to it, commission says.

Marcy Oster, JTA ,

Definition of anti-Semitism
Definition of anti-Semitism

A government-funded body on religious freedom is looking to launch a research project that examines anti-Semitism in Europe.

Anti-Semitism has risen 18% globally, and 41% of Jews have considered emigrating from Europe due to the anti-Semitism there.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom, an independent body that tracks religious freedoms overseas and has members appointed by leadership from both houses of Congress and the president, has issued a tender for the project.

“This research project would seek to enhance the understanding of the phenomenon of anti-Semitism in European countries and government responses to it, in order to make specific and effective recommendations for United States policy,” according to the announcement.

The final report is expected to be generated within six months.