From assisting military personnel to aiding civilians

IDF Technology and Maintenance Division distributes food and medicine to elderly and at-risk; 'Civilian response to soldiers was exciting.'

Rafael Levy ,

From assisting military personnel to aiding civilians
From assisting military personnel to aiding civilians
IDF Spokesman

IDF soldiers serving in the five National Technology and Maintenance Division have been assisting Israeli citizens in the coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks.

The soldiers, along with IDF Home Front Command and local authorities assisted in distributing food and medicine to the elderly, the needy, and at-risk populations under Operation Golden Guards. At this time, Division soldiers reached hundreds of thousands of households and distributed more than one million food packages.

In times of routine, the Division is responsible for IDF weapons readiness and availability.

Corps Commander Major General Eli Bokovza said: "Beyond being a national mission, it is a worthwhile mission. Each of us has a grandfather, grandmother, or older parents and the thought of them during this period led to the personal connection of each and every one of the soldiers to the mission. The response of the elderly civilians, who are in isolation at home and suddenly standing at their doorsteps are IDF soldiers was exciting and moving.

"It has been a great privilege for the Technology and Maintenance Division to lead this mission. These days as we finish the mission and re-engage in our routine, I want to thank and express great appreciation for Division commanders and soldiers and all the thousands of IDF soldiers who worked under the Division in this mission and contributed to its success.

"I have no doubt that beyond our contribution to the success of the mission, the mission has contributed to our soldiers and we are confident that we're coming back stronger in terms of personal values," said Col. Bokovza.