Shuttling to educational institutions to resume tomorrow gradually

School transportation resumes gradually, for students who were eligible prior to outbreak.

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School buses
School buses
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The Ministry of Education, together with the Finance Ministry and local governments, reached agreements on Monday to operate the shuttle system for regular and special education in its new format.

In light of the decision, school transportation will begin gradually on Tuesday, and first, second, and third grade students in regular education as well as special education students (attending special education institutions, special education classrooms and integrated schools).

Shuttles will be provided to students defined as eligible prior to the coronavirus outbreak, and the transportation will be provided gradually, to allow local authorities to prepare properly for operation.

The shuttle system will be operated in accordance with the Ministry of Health's instructions, and each shuttle will contain up to 50% of its maximum capacity, as stated in the vehicle license. In addition, the shuttle will operate in accordance with the required precautions and hygiene rules.

Last month, Israel reopened special education institutions, and on Sunday, students in grades 1-3, as well as in grades 11-12, returned to school, and next Sunday, May 10, preschools are expected to resume as well.