60% attendance at open learning institutions

Some 180,000 students from around 1,500 educational institutions return today.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Return to studies in Jerusalem
Return to studies in Jerusalem
Hezki Baruch

Nearly 60% attendance was recorded today in all state (Jewish) elementary schools which opened their doors today, Sunday.

About 180,000 students (out of about 300,000 Jewish sector students in the authorities and institutions announcing that they will start school today) who study in more than 1,500 educational institutions showed up today for school.

When the students arrived at the educational institutions, they were received ceremoniously by the educational staff.

Stations with hygiene and cleaning materials due to coronavirus were posted throughout the schools. The students opened the school day with personal talks.

The education ministry noted that in light of the schedule for a gradual return to studies, the number of authorities, educational institutions and students expected to go back to routine is expected to grow in the coming days.