Yeshivas to reopen after coronavirus crisis? Not in some hasidic circles

Despite plan allowing yeshivas to reopen, some hasidic groups have instructed their communities to continue distance learning.

Michal Levi ,

Yeshiva students
Yeshiva students
Flash 90

Sources in several hasidic communities have said that they will continue distance learning, despite the fact that the Education Ministry will allow a gradual return to school to begin on Sunday.

The communities mentioned include Gur, Vizhnitz, and several other hasidic groups. Senior members of these communities spoke this week with teachers and educators, saying that it is better to be stringent on matters pertaining to life and death, and not to take the chance of an additional outbreak in the educational institutions.

Earlier this week, a plan was approved to allow yeshivas to reopen, with students learning in "capsules" - small groups which would remain on campus.

Younger students, from preschool through third grade, will return to school on Sunday, studying in small groups.

All of the plans apply equally to Education Ministry schools, recognized independent schools, and private schools.