Bennett: We are pushing Iran back in Syria

Defense Minister says Israel will no longer allow threats to grow beyond its borders, Israel's enemies have not reconciled to Jewish State.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said Wednesday in the midst of IsraelMemorial Day that Israel continues to fight Iran and its attempts to harm the Jewish State.

"We have not yet arrived at a moment when the enemies of Israel are reconciled with the existence of a Jewish state in Israel. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that this will happen in our generation," Bennett said.

"Only this can be assured: the State of Israel will never place its security in the hands of others. We will defend ourselves on our own. We will continue to move the campaign into enemy territory. ''

Defense Minister added: "We have moved from curbing Iran's establishment in Syria to pushing it back, and we will not stop. We will no longer allow strategic threats to grow beyond our borders without us acting. The IDF soldiers and their commanders are confident and determined, and with G-d's help we win. "