'Israel could face second wave of coronavirus infections'

Senior Israeli health official warns that May could see resurgence of coronavirus in Israel if public fails to keep social distancing rules.

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Wheeling in coronavirus patient
Wheeling in coronavirus patient
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Israel could face a second major wave of coronavirus infections if Israelis don’t adhere to social distancing requirements, a top Israeli health official warned Wednesday.

Speaking with Kan Reshet Bet, the chief of the Israeli Health Ministry’s Public Health Services Dr. Sigal Sadetsky said that the loosening of the nationwide lockdown and a failure to observe social distancing instructions could reverse the declines in the coronavirus infection rate, and lead to a resurgence of the virus.

“I am concerned there will be a second wave of infection in May,” said Sadetsky. “It’s impossible to ensure that people don’t get infected if they don’t observe social distancing. Everyone needs to understand that if we favor alternatives [to social distancing], there will be a price – either illness or isolation and quarantine.”

The number of new confirmed coronavirus infections in Israel jumped by 443 over the 24 hour period from Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning, nearly double the infection rate of the past few days, which saw more patients recovering than new infections reported.

The increase comes after the Israeli government voted to loosen some restrictions on the nationwide lockdown, allowing larger public prayer services and expanded economic activity, doubling the number of Israelis able to work from 15% to 30%.