Ministry of Education: 'No decision to reopen schools after Passover'

Summer vacation may be shortened, but schools won't resume immediately after Passover, Education Min. Director-General says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Education Ministry Director-General Shmuel Abuav on Monday spoke about the possibility of returning to school after Passover, telling Galei Tzahal that "there is currently no such decision."

"As it was decided on Friday, three weeks ago, to close the education system, all options for returning to routine need to be created at the moment. When will it be? No one knows."

Regarding summer vacation, Abuav said: "I think it will be shortened. It has already been shortened by nine days and I believe it will be shortened more than that. I believe that there will be a framework for children and it will also contain an element of learning and social elements of enrichment activities."

On Sunday, it was reported that decisions regarding reopening schools after Passover have not yet been made, and that the government will make those decisions after the holiday ends.

Last week, it was estimated that when children return to school, it will be in shifts, with each student attending school three times a week, for four hours each time. It was also estimated that the gradual reopening would begin immediately following Passover.