Netanyahu's adviser tests positive for COVID-19

PM and Knesset adviser on haredi affairs tests positive for coronavirus after being in vicinity of the PM and other ministers.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu

Rivka Faluch, an adviser to the Prime Minister and to the Knesset on haredi issues, has tested positive for coronavirus, Channel 12 News reported on Sunday night.

Several days ago, Faluch was in the vicinity of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other ministers at the Knesset, the report said.

As a result of her positive test, an extensive epidemiological investigation will be conducted to find out where Faluch was and who she came in contact with. Officials in the Prime Minister’s Office said they would follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

The Prime Minister’s Office is consulting with the Health Ministry on how to act and to determine whether the Prime Minister should enter isolation.

On Saturday, Faluch's husband was admitted to the hospital after contracting the virus. Officials close to the Prime Minister said that Netanyahu had followed the Health Ministry's directives and did not stay in the same room with Faluch.

A statement on behalf of Faluch released earlier on Sunday said that her husband had a minor case of COVID-19 and that Faluch herself had exhibited no symptoms. “Faluch maintained distance from the Prime Minister and from others in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health even before her husband tested positive,” said the statement.