Lenny Ravich shares the secret to a happy life

Laughing to good health: Living in the moment and laughing your way to a better life.

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Lenny Ravich
Lenny Ravich

What is the very best moment of person's life?

How did an American Jew decide to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) without even knowing where Israel was on a map?

How does child in a special education class grow up to become a regional supervisor for the Department of Education?

How does a six-week courtship in a language one barely speaks end in a marriage lasting nearly half a century?

How does laughing heal both body and mind?

Lenny Ravich is an internationally known motivational speaker and optimism and laughter facilitator who teaches others how to improve their own quality of life.

Tune in to hear Lenny's story, which combines tragic with funny as Jews so often do. In addition, Lenny shares the secret to a meaningful and positive life. Don't miss it.