Deri: This time willingness for unity is there

Shas chairman recommends Netanyahu for prime minister in meeting with President, says Blue and White more serious about unity than before.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Deri meets Rivlin
Deri meets Rivlin
Mark Neiman/GPO

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri (Shas) met Sunday with President Reuven Rivlin to present the Shas party's recommendation for prime minister.

During the meeting, Minister Deri said, "Mr. President, Shas has no personal stakes. Shas's position is strong and firm in every situation. We did not come to ask for our souls, but to act for the citizens of the state."

"I talk to both parties and they give me contacts. The problem is that there is a complete lack of contacts between them. This time, too, they put me in the middle, I left a government meeting and an emergency discussion on the coronavirus, because eventually the citizens know the authorities and we address them. This crisis can last for many months," Deri added.

He said: "The public is in high anxiety and we have not yet taken any tougher steps. Therefore, it is important that those who make decisions have broad consensus about it and therefore we must form a broad government. I ask the president to allow them to do so."

"There are two options on the table: 1) a six-month Emergency Government headed by Netanyahu, with equality, and then it goes back to the president. Such a government can emerge today, 2) A national unity government with full rotation over all positions."

"It is important to know: With Benny Gantz there is really no possibility of reaching a minority government. I say this with clear knowledge, even from conversations with people there. .And even if it was possible, the people want a broad government now," the Shas chairman said.

"We recommend Binyamin Netanyahu to be the prime minister, but to launch a broad government. I ask the honorable president to help with the task in these two days, and I am ready to hurry up and do everything. Contrary to the previous times, this time in my opinion there is a willingness in Blue and White to reach an agreement. I not only provide brokerage services, but can promise and uphold it/ It is more kosher today than it was six months ago, because we are in a complex campaign against the spread of the coronavirus," Deri concluded.