Just in time for Purim: Lone Tree Brewery's craft beer!

David Shire is a Scottish brewer of excellent Israeli beer.

Judy Simon ,

Lone Tree Brewery's beer
Lone Tree Brewery's beer

David Shire, who grew up in Glasgow Scotland, studied biology like a nice Jewish Scottish boy should. But when he made Israel his home and began his PhD studies, he realized that he couldn't connect with today's views on science which focus on the minuscule and often ignore the big picture. He opened his own landscape gardening business called "White Flower Gardening," which he very much enjoys.

Being a religious Jew means that every 7 years, one allows the land to go fallow. This negatively impacts the finances of a professional gardener. After much discussion with his wife and his neighbors, they decided to open a specialty brewery which makes excellent quality craft beers. Thus began the journey for the partners of Lone Tree Brewery, located in Gush Etzion, and on par with European craft beers.

Using the same four ingredients most brewers use (hops, malt, water and yeast), David and his friends make sure that their ingredients are top quality and they don't skimp on quantity either. The results? The Lone Tree Brewery has gotten excellent reviews from experts both in the U.S. and in Europe.

Tune in to hear David share his thoughts about the name of the brewery, his connection to the Land, drinking responsibly, and becoming not only a brewery but a tourist site. David also explains why we are encouraged to drink on Purim, and the connection between Jewish history and the history of beer. Listening to this interview certainly can make one thirsty for a frosty mug!