Deri warns: 'People will be afraid to walk around with kippah'

Interior Minister Deri warned of the consequences of having a left-wing government elected.

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aryeh Deri
aryeh Deri
Yehonatan Gottleib/TPS

Shas chairman, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, addressed the possibility of having a left-wing coalition come to power and warned of what this might entail.

"On Monday night, a left-wing government may be formed with the support of [Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman] and the Joint List. I'm fearful, and I hope you will not consider this an exaggeration, gentlemen, that if a government like this comes to fruition, a day will come when people are afraid to walk outside with a kippah on. They might be forced to walk around with jackets on [to cover their religious garments] like they do in Europe," Deri continued.

Deri added that, "All issues relating to the status quo, Shabbat, Halachic marriage, everything that is important to the people of Israel as a Jewish state is in danger. So I am very anxious and very hopeful that God willing we will be able to form a strong Netanyahu-led government wtih a strong Shas."

Asked what would happen if the right bloc failed to receive the 61 seats required to form a coalition government at tomorrow's elections, Deri replied, "Then there will be a left wing government supported by the Joint List. No other possibilities come to mind. There won't be a fourth round."

Questioned on whether he hoped Ben-Gvir would exit the race, Deri replied: "I do not call on anyone to get out of the race, gentlemen. You are justified in being offended [referencing Otzma], but in the process, you are punishing the Land of Israel, Torah of Israel and the Jewish people; not to mentioning strengthening the left."

"Is that what people should go out to vote for? So they can throw out thousands of votes?" The Shas chairman retorted.