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Home of innovation and entrepreneurship attracts top quality business students

What better place to study business and entrepreneurship than the home of the most successful hi-tech startups the world has ever witnessed?

With Bar Ilan University ,

Ecstatic BIU IMBA Graduates celebrate at their ceremony
Ecstatic BIU IMBA Graduates celebrate at their ceremony
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Israel has produced more than 6,000 start-ups, and generates more venture capital per capita than any country in the world. The country has a population of merely 8.8 million, and yet is home to more than 250 growth-stage companies that yield revenues in the millions, employing hundreds of people, with other companies generating in the tens of millions, employing thousands of people.

The Startup Nation is well-known for its outstanding innovation and culture of entrepreneurship. Israel’s tech industry and startup ecosystem has seen some of the most remarkable exits in the world over the past decade or so, bringing in billions for their founders and shareholders. Some of the top exits include Mobileye ($15.3 billion and the largest ever deal in the history of the Israeli tech industry), Viber ($900 million), Mercury ($4.5 billion), Playtika ($4.4 billion), and Waze ($1.1 billion).

So is it any wonder that students from all over the world are scrambling to study at Israeli universities and hoping that some of this innovation will rub off on them? What better place to study business and entrepreneurship than the home of some of the most successful hi-tech start-ups the world has ever witnessed – and universities that rank in the top 2.5% of universities world-wide?

Bar-Ilan University’s Graduate School of Business Administration has a proven track record and a state-of-the-art academic program that represents the best of those special qualities, which drive the Israeli business and entrepreneurial spirit.

“The International MBA (IMBA) education experience is designed to impart profound, core area business knowledge, as well as engage and expose students to the practical challenges and realities of conducting international business,” asserts Prof. Eyal Yaniv, Chair of the Graduate Business School.

“Students also reap major benefits from interacting with peers hailing from many countries and diverse cultures, and bringing a wide range of intellectual and life experiences into the mix,” he says.

Bar-Ilan University's IMBA is the pioneer graduate business program conducted entirely in English. Established 22 years ago, the intensive, one-year academic program convenes twice weekly on Monday afternoon/evening and Friday mornings, enabling students the opportunity to work or take on internships.

“Our IMBA puts a premium on ensuring that students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to work globally,” Prof. Yaniv adds. “The core of our instructors are senior faculty members in the Business School, bringing substantial academic research and professional experience to enhance the learning experience and ensure relevance and up-to-date academic content.”

The program also affords excellent networking opportunities during and after graduation, thanks to our vast network of alumni, employed in Israel and abroad.

A highlight of the IMBA is our international study tour. Most recently, students visited China. Students are also encouraged to participate in the Erasmus Plus program, which provides graduating students with an enriching opportunity to study and experience a full semester at any of 40 partner universities in Europe. Students receive free tuition, airfare and living expenses for their semester abroad.

According to program coordinator, Cindy Sinvani, students choose the IMBA at Bar-Ilan because the curriculum is on par with content offered at top international business schools, but at a very competitive price.

“In addition, outside of academics, students experience Israel, which is at the forefront of the worldwide high-tech industry," she says.

The Bar-Ilan University campus is located in Ramat-Gan, in the greater Tel Aviv metropolitan area. The university caters to more than 17,000 students, offering a broad range of degree studies in all major academic disciplines.

The University’s unique and diverse learning environment integrates the pursuit of academic studies with Judaic Studies. BIU’s International School delivers a full range of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees, summer programs, and study-abroad programs in a variety of key interest fields, including the prestigious IMBA program.

"Bar-Ilan’s IMBA program taught me more than just theories about business from books,” says Jennifer Gold, an IMBA graduate from Germany. “Each course was hands-on – from valuing companies to developing a startup's business plan with its strategy, mission statements, marketing plan and financial plan.

“Through working in small groups on projects, each of us got the chance to feel out our leadership and presentation skills. Bottom line: A program totally worth joining," Gold says.

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