Bennett: ‘I won’t sit with Gantz’

Yamina chairman says his party would prefer to be in the opposition rather than support a Blue and White-led government.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

השר בנט
השר בנט
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Yamina party chairman and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said Sunday that his party will remain loyal to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and will continue to support him.

“I unequivocally refuse to sit [in government] with Benny Gantz,” Bennett said. “I would be happy after the elections to take some of Blue and White’s seats to help with the creation of a coalition,” he maintained. “We will sit in opposition with the Likud and will not join Gantz,” Bennett added.

Addressing the threats from the Palestinian Authority to stop security coordination, the Defense Minister said that such potential measures “are not doing anyone any good.”

With regard to Gaza, Bennett said that he did not intend to get dragged into a situation where soldiers would need to be sent in. “We don’t want to get into another 51-day Operation Protective Edge," referring to the August 2014 conflict with Hamas.

The minister also addressed the situation on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, Bennett remarked, "I very much want to avoid a third Lebanon war, but there may be no choice."