Galant continues verbal attacks on Bennett

Aliyah and Integration Minister blasts Defense Minister in interview with i24NEWS. Yamina: How about dealing with the problems of the olim?

Ben Ariel ,

Yoav Galant
Yoav Galant
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Aliyah and Integration Minister Yoav Galant (Likud) is continuing to attack Defense Minister Naftali Bennett in media interviews.

The latest verbal attack came in an interview on Thursday with i24NEWS, in which Galant said, "I criticize the form in which (Bennett) expressed his perception compared to what he did in practice."

Earlier on Thursday, Galant criticized Bennett’s decision to reduce the administrative order issued against 19-year-old Elia Ben David.

"The Shin Bet is responsible for countering terrorism for the security of the State of Israel and its citizens. The service works according to the law and the people serving in it are our best," Galant tweeted.

"The only consideration guiding their actions is security. Mixing political considerations in security decisions, contrary to Shin Bet recommendations, is wrong and illegitimate," he added.

Bennett’s Yamina party responded to Galant and tweeted, "Frustrated Yoav, have you solved the terrible failure in the absorption of immigrants from France?"

"Maybe you should focus on the olim, whose diplomas are not recognized, on the horrendous bureaucracy in your ministry that makes the olim despair, instead of talking constantly out of frustration? You will not be able to stop us either,” the party added.

Galant has been constantly criticizing Bennett, dating back to before he was appointed Defense Minister. At the time, Galant warned that doing so would be "a serious security mistake."

Galant later voted against Bennett’s appointment at a Cabinet meeting.

Last Friday, he blasted Bennett over his failure to properly deal with the continued rocket and incendiary balloon fire from Gaza towards southern Israel.

Earlier this week, Galant described Bennett as "childish" and said he does not properly understand the situation.

"When someone comes after the presentation of a plan that was in the works for three years and says, 'Apply sovereignty now,' that's childish," he told Reshet Bet radio in an interview. "Even for the sake of a political campaign, it's childish. Just because you know how to drive a car, doesn't mean you know how to manage the transportation system."