Why did the ‘right’ political parties in Israel go so wrong?

Israel’s upcoming third elections within one year and Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’. What does it all mean?

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Bennett, Netanyahu
Bennett, Netanyahu
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Israel’s upcoming third elections within one year, Naftali Bennett’s NEW right bloc, and Trump’s "Deal of the Century". What does it all mean, and why did the ‘right’ political parties go so wrong?

All this on the show with Jeremy Saltan, Political Strategist, Knesset Insider, and the #10 candidate in Naftali Bennett’s New Right party, and #18 on the Yamina list (the right wing bloc) for these upcoming elections to the Knesset.

Afterwards, is there a way to learn Hebrew words in a quick, creative and fun way? Make way for a new book out called, "Hilarious Hebrew- the Fun and Fast Way to Learn the Language", written by Yael Breuer & Eyal Shavit.

Tamar speaks with Yael, who is a Hebrew teacher and a TV presenter about the humorous, yet educational, quips in her book.