How to use AI to improve website conversions

More and more companies are starting to integrate AI technology into their business and they are starting to see the effect.

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 integrate AI
integrate AI

The role of analyzing data and finding key patterns can be smartly integrated into your business and used to maximize the user experience and conversions. AI is used to create ‘predictive behavior’ so if you can understand how customers use your website and automatically prompt the right question, answer or product – you can generate a positive return.

We spoke with web designers, Nineteen5, to understand how companies can use AI and boost their website conversions.

Live chat boxes

Most websites that offer services offer some kind of live chat functionality which pops up on the screen with a friendly face. Although there is usually a human behind this, more and more companies are using AI to automatically respond to queries based on historical data.

The use of AI and analysing previous data and responses means that customers can receive an automated response which is aligned to their requirements. It means less work for the website owner and also better, targeted responses.

Live chat boxes can also be used for data capture, something that is used by hubspot. So customers can enter their names and contact details beforehand and this can be used to turn the customer into a warm lead.

Search bars

Websites will often have search bars in the top right of the page where you can find some key information or search for a product.

The role of AI can take previous customer inquiries and offer better results – maybe ones that are more likely to engage the customer or turn into a purchase.

This is something that search engines like Google have been doing for years, whereby you search for something and they offer you similar queries and answers.

However, this can also be used for news sites, fashion brands, eCommerce, retail and more.


AI solutions can effectively provide suggestions and recommendations to customers, building on millions of data points. This has been well executed by the likes of Amazon over the years to give you suggestions of other products that people have already searched for or bought – and this is all using AI.

It is the ability to take existing data, spot trends and to continuously learn and get smarter. The result? An enhanced user experience and ability to convert customers more successfully.