Stabbing victim:
'Hevron residents saw attack and did nothing'

Victim of Hevron attack recalls how terrorist stabbed him in the back before attacking his girlfriend, as Arab locals looked on.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Moshe Greenblatt
Moshe Greenblatt
Otzma Yehudit

Yesterday, a terrorist stabbed 22-year-old Moshe Greenblatt in Kiryat Arba, near Hevron. Greenblatt spoke to 103FM Sunday about the attack.

"I'm still in the hospital. The pain is more mental than physical. It's such a disgrace. Going somewhere that's supposedly safe with my girlfriend [and having to look behind me to make sure nobody is attacking.]"

Tell us what happened there.

"My girlfriend and I were staying in Kiryat Arba and were planning to pray at the Cave of the Patriarchs. We walked along the worshipers' path, which seemed to be secure. The place was relatively empty. Suddenly I got hit in the back, and later I realized it was a stabbing. I turned and the terrorist tried to get the blade out, but was left with half a knife in his hand. I started to wrestle with him and fell to the floor. He ran in the direction of my girlfriend and started beating her, slamming her and I ran to her. "

With half a knife between your shoulders.

"Yes. There was another guy who continued to struggle with him after my friend and I ran. We shouted but no one heard. There were many non-Jews who just stood and watched when no one came to help."

You're saying something pretty serious here. They saw something happened and no one came to help?

"Yes. I had half a knife in my back and was shouting "soldier! soldier!." Only one guy, named Meir Lapid, fought with the terrorist. There were some men and women who just stood, watched and didn't interfere. They didn't call anyone. Nothing."

You're talking about the people who live in Hevron.

"Correct. Not Jews."

What did you think? That they would clap for you? They see you as a some kind of foreign invader.

"I thought there would be deterrence. And when a person sees someone injured he can't turn a blind eye."

Where do you live in the country?

"I'm from Jerusalem and my girlfriend lives in Tzfat."

Is she physically injured or just suffering from traumatic stress?

"She got some dry blows from him. The big miracle is that he tried to pull the knife out of me and it broke."

Did you identify who the terrorist is?

"He came from behind. He was too cowardly to fight with me. A knife in the back is hard to fight."

Were you armed?

"Unfortunately, no".

Have you served in the military?

"No. I'm a yeshiva student. I didn't think I should be armed because there's a defense minister who's supposed to worry about security. In the past few years, the worshipers' path has seen dozens of attacks. There's a defense minister who says he'll take care of it. How can we proceed without any deterrence? In a few more years, he will step down and we will continue our traumas."