MK Gadi Yevarkan notifies Blue and White of plans to join the Likud

Blue and White MK dropped from party list after threatening to join the Likud if he is not pushed up on party's Knesset slate.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

MK Gadi Yevarkan
MK Gadi Yevarkan
צילום: אסתי דזיובוב/TPS

Blue and White MK Gadi Yevarkan is planning to leave his party and return to the Likud, Channel 13 reported Wednesday.

Yevarkan, who was elected to the Knesset twice in 2019 on the Blue and White list, has notified party leaders that he plans on leaving the party to join the Likud, unless Blue and White places him higher up on its Knesset slate for the March 2nd election.

The Likud, of which Yevarkan was previously a member, has offered the MK the 20th spot on its Knesset list. Yevarkan is currently 33rd on the Blue and White list – a position which may or may not ensure him a place in the next Knesset, while the 20th spot in the Likud would guarantee him a seat.

After Yevarkan informed party leaders of his plans, Blue and White chief Benny Gantz announced that Yevarkan had been booted from the party's Knesset list.

"I have decided, in coordination with MK Lt. General (Res. Moshe Yaalon), to remove Gadi Yevarkan from the Blue and White list," said Gantz.

Yevarkan was a candidate in the Likud in 2009, but failed to win a seat. In 2019, he joined the Telem faction of former Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, which merged with the Israel Resilience Party and Yesh Atid to form Blue and White.

Last month, Yevarkan, a member of the Ethiopian community, chided the Likud over its plans to invest in a campaign directed at Ethiopian voters, accusing the party of decades of neglect for a community which traditionally had voted primarily for the Likud.

“For the first time in political history in Israel, the Likud will finally start taking Ethiopian immigrants seriously, rather than taking them for granted, like it did for the last 30 years.”

“Netanyahu is going to dump millions of shekels in a futile attempt to bring back those voters who switched to Blue and White. There’s just one thing Netanyahu doesn’t understand – you can’t buy Ethiopians with money.”