Religious Zionist initiative for 'open primaries' presents results of public's vote

'Our Strength is in Our Unity' initiative presents results of primaries: A single list representing Religious Zionism's favorite candidates.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Itai Granek, who lead the initiative
Itai Granek, who lead the initiative
Hezki Baruch

The "Our Strength is in Our Unity" initiative, which included 5,000 Israelis who identify as Religious Zionists, this week held open primaries via the internet.

In the primaries, voters could name their preferred candidates from any of the Religious Zionist lists, including the Jewish Home, National Union, New Right, Otzma Yehudit, the former Yachad party, and others.

The results of the primaries, which can be adopted until the deadline for submitting party lists to the Knesset at 10:00p.m. Wednesday night, showed that the Religious Zionist public prefers a single party with the following candidates.

Included in the list are the number of votes each candidate received.

1. Bezalel Smotrich - 1,150 votes (currently head of the National Union party)

2. Ayelet Shaked - 884 votes (currently number two in the New Right party)

3. Naftali Bennett - 627 votes (currently chairman of the New Right)

4. Orit Strock - 557 votes

5. Itamar Ben Gvir - 413 votes (currently chair of the Otzma Yehudit party)

6. Moti Yogev - 341 votes

7. Amichai Eliyahu - 250 votes

8. Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan - 204 votes

9. Alon Davidi - 186 votes

10. Ofir Sofer - 172 votes

11. Yitzhak Vaserlof - 110 votes

12. Avichai Boaron - 105 votes

13. Eli Yishai - 102 votes

14. Rabbi Rafi Peretz (currently chairman of the Jewish Home party) - 96 votes

15. Rabbi Chaim Navon - 94 votes

16. Davidi Ben Zion - 88 votes

17. Kalman Libeskind - 86 votes

18. Shmuel Shetach - 84 votes

19. Matan Kahane - 14 votes

20. Sarah Beck - 11 votes

Voters included anyone who had signed up for the initiative, and votes were provided via app for those with smartphones and phone call for those without.

"Our Strength is in Our Unity" responded: "This is the will of the voters. These primaries prove that the wisdom of the public is very different than the decisions of the politicians, and that the democratic way, in which the voter decides, is the best way to achieve a representative party list. "

"There are only a few hours left to join ranks. It's not too late to save Religious Zionism. We call on the members of the various parties to put aside their ego games and create a single list which represents the will of the public."