Why is financial literacy hard for teens?

In a world of instant gratification, how can young people learn to be financially responsible?

Douglas Goldstein,

Why Financial Literacy is Hard for Teens?
Why Financial Literacy is Hard for Teens?

Does your teen know how to balance a checkbook or other basic points of financial literacy?

Mindy Ajzner, founder of Chaim BePlus, an organization that teaches personal finance skills to young people, discusses what teenagers need to know about keeping track of their money.

Many teenagers have no idea about how banks work, budgeting, or bill paying, and as a result can fall into the cycle of debt from an early age. Learn how to become fiscally responsible with a personal mentor. Listen to the podcast for details about joining the program.

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Financial literacy is an issue with adults too. Douglas Goldstein, CFP, director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd., shares what happened when one of his clients bought the wrong insurance policy. Find out the questions you need to ask your insurance agent before you buy a policy.