The Shmuz announces new Parsha series podcast

Popular shiur class given by Rabbi Shafier, The Shmuz, launches new Parsha series.

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The Shmuz Podcast
The Shmuz Podcast
The Shmuz

The Shmuz, the wildly popular shiur class by Rabbi Shafier, announces new Parsha series.

Sharing groundbreaking ideas and thought-provoking concepts, each segment is carefully crafted to be real, relevant, and take your avodas hashem to new heights.

Listen on iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app, and elevate your Shabbos table and the entire week that follows.

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Rabbi Bentzion Shafier is the founder of, author of the books Stop Surviving and Start Living, Finding and Keeping Your Soulmate,

The Torah Lifestyle and Two Minutes to Bitachon.

He is also the man behind the Shmuz itself, a forty-five minute weekly shiur that has been loved around the globe for over ten years.

He is responsible for delivering cutting-edge Torah content through live webinars, videos, articles and more and can be contacted at Rabbi Shafier lives in Monsey, NY with his wife and family.

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