Anti-Semitic violence and the world’s bluff, as it affects aliyah

The Jews' response to anti-Semitism and violent Jew-hatred, both ancient and current, affects the Jew in ways so subtle.

Dr. Sam Minskoff ,

NBN Yom HaAliyah US Olim
NBN Yom HaAliyah US Olim
Jonny Finkel Photography.

Dr. Sam Minskoff, a member of the Aliyah Team at Arutz Sheva, discusses the never-ending and increasing Jew hatred/violence and why this is tolerated with little or no outcry or protest.

According to Dr. Minskoff, centuries of extreme persecutions of the Jews over the centuries has been ingrained in the collective spiritual/ psychological consciousness of the Jew affecting Aliyah.

With the current breakthrough of such awareness it can be successfully argued that Jews may become fewer in number temporarily, only to increase, making extinction of the Jews impossible.