Journalists' book about leading Rabbi - now in English

Yedidya and Sivan Rahav Meir wrote an inspiring Hebrew book about Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein. The book has now been translated to English

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Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein
Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein
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The book that sold tens of thousands of copies in Hebrew - now in English!

Rabbi Yaakov Edelstein zt"l was an unusual Torah personality, and this an unusual book. Reaching to Heaven is partly biography, partly guidance to all of us on how to live full, happy, and meaningful lives - and, with its fascinating collection of warm and personal true stories -- totally captivating.

Written by Yedidya and Sivan Rahav Meir, a husband and wife team who have become extraordinarily popular through their lectures, writings, and media broadcasts, it contains literally hundreds of inspiring short stories about the life and - even more important - the life lessons to be learned from Rav Edelstein. The Meirs lived in Ramat HaSharon, where Rav Edelstein served as Chief Rabbi for more than 70 years. They were very close to him during his lifetime, and after his passing, they interviewed more than 100 people about Rav Edelstein's accomplishments.

Reaching to Heaven is a collection of "little stories about a very, very big man." In these stories we will discover how Rav Edelstein reached greatness in Torah, in kindness, in leadership, and in his relationships with family, students, and, indeed all of Klal YIsrael. And we will discover how we, too, can live higher, uplifting ourselves and all those around us.

Sivan Rahav Meir's new book in English is now available for adults, teens, for anyone who wants to change and grow. Perfect for Hanukkah.

Available now at Artscroll or Amazon and at your local Jewish bookstores.